Valhalla Traverse 2012

Expect snow and ice to be holding on much of the traverse due to its shaded nature.

AUGUST 5, 2012
The Valhalla Traverse can be completed to the Grandstand without using an ice axe or crampons.  The snow and ice that still remain can be avoided.

JULY 12, 2012
The Valhalla Traverse still has a couple patches of firm snow/ice to negotiate.  An ice axe and crampons are recommended due to the severe nature of these crossings.
Photo taken from Valhalla Canyon - 7/12/12 
JUNE 18, 2012
Photo taken from summit of Rock of Ages - 6/18/12
JUNE 12, 2012 
Photo taken two days after a 12" storm in the high country.
MAY 31, 2012
These photos taken of the Valhalla Traverse from Cascade Canyon appear to show it is primarily covered in snow with little to no ice in the main bowls.  Expect to find ice on thinner rock sections associated with melt-freeze activity. 
Photo taken 5/31/12
Photo taken 5/31/12