Lower Saddle Approach 2017

June 15, 2017
Snow-free to 3-mile junction.  A handful of steep snow crossings remain between 3-mile junction and the Platforms Campsites; then 100% snow.  One bear box melted out at Platforms but not much dry ground to camp on.  No boxes out at Meadows.  Winter route remains the preferred approach beyond the meadows.
 Looking up towards the Lower Saddle from just above the Meadows - 6.15.17
June 10, 2017
A spring snow storm last night deposited up to a foot of snow above 10,000 ft. New avalanche hazards exist.  Slushy snow, few sloughs.  Caves: sites buried, Spalding Falls dangerous to approach on thin snow.  Moraine: 1 dry bivy site, no water.  Lower Saddle: no dry sites, meltwater available on tundra below LS sign.
June 4, 2017
Upper Moraine and Lower Saddle Headwall.  Garnet approach: Mostly dry to the 1.7 junction, 100% snow approx 3/4 of a mile below the 3 mile junction.
May 23, 2017
40-50% snow to the 1.7 mile junction, 80% snow to 3 mile junction.  100% snow beyond to Garnet Canyon as well as Surprise & Amphitheater.  Many braided boot paths above the 3 mile junction.  Ice Axe recommended for traversing into Garnet Canyon proper.
 Traversing into the mouth of the canyon, 100% snow
Looking up Canyon from the Platforms
Cave Couloir and winter route
May 13, 2017
Nearly 100% snow above 3 mile junction.
Looking into Garnet Canyon - 5.13.17