Owen-Spalding 2018

October 14, 2018
Expect full winter conditions.

September 21, 2018
All of the snow and ice from the late August storm that can melt this time of year has.  Expect patches of snow and ice in isolated shaded areas.  An ice axe and light weight crampons will increase chances of success on this route this time of year to deal with these conditions

August 31, 2018
The past few days have provided snow melting and changing conditions after an early storm. Conditions in the high mountains remain challenging, although climbers are successfully summiting. In order to safely and successfully climb routes currently, climbers should be ready for significant snow and ice remaining in shady areas and chimneys, despite exposed areas being clear and dry. Depending on skill and experience, this may warrant climbers carrying boots, ice axe, and even crampons.
 Grand Teton from Middle Teton. 8/31/18
Owen-Spalding from the Enclosure. 8/31/18

August 28, 2018
Recent storms have deposited a significant amount of snow and rime ice on the route. Expect full alpine conditions.
 OS and descent from summit of the Grand, photo taken 8.28.18
 Lower Saddle, photo taken 8.28.18
                                           OS with Enclosure in the foreground, photo taken 8.28.18
August 13, 2018
OS is snow free. Ice axe and crampons are not needed. Be aware of the potential for icy conditions and verglas in the early morning with any recent precipitation.

July 12, 2018
The Owen-Spalding is melting out quickly. Expect wet rock and avoidable sections of ice and snow. An ice axe may still be warranted for approach and descent from the summit.
 Owen Chimney Photo taken 7.4.18
 Belly Crawl Photo taken 7.4.18 
Double Chimney Photo taken 7.4.18
July 1, 2018
Expect full winter conditions on this route - snow, ice, verglas, and cold temperatures. Skill and experience in mixed winter climbing required for ascent and descent.  Recent ascents as of June 25 described "mixed climbing requiring at least one axe and crampons."

Photo taken 6/25/18, below Owen Chimney

Photo taken 6/25, Owen Chimney

Photo taken 6.22.18
Conditions between Lower and Upper Saddle